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ERIKG offers a wide range of nasal CPAP masks for everyone. We offer the most technogically advanced masks with the most comfort at highly affordable prices. Please feel free to drop by any of our service centre to try out our extensive range of masks. You will definitely find one that is comfortable and works well providing you good rest every night.

ERIKG Apex Wizard 210 Nasal CPAP Mask Small Logo

Apex Wizard 210 Nasal Mask

Price : SGD 140 / RM 448 (Facebook Promotion) . Buy Now

Apex Wizard 210 Nasal CPAP Mask and Headgear is a simple, lightweight single-piece mask made of soft medical silicone that provides comfort, durability, and flexibility while being easy to clean. The comfortable forehead support is adjustable and can be moved to any position to provide the best stability and comfort, and quick-release headgear clips allow the mask to be easily removed without the need to reset headgear.

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Philips Respironics Wisp Nasal Mask

Price : SGD 200 / RM 672 (Facebook Promotion) . Buy Now

The new Wisp Nasal Mask is visually stylish yet packs a huge punch in innovative design that delivers highly positive results. Independence and freedom are just two words to describe how the user will feel about the Wiso Nasal Mask but there are so many characteristics that catapult this mask to the top. Active sleepers will find it easy to sleep without having to constantly adjust and re-adjust for comfort since there is less bulk in the frame as well as the headgear. The Wisp mask has the top notch quality and comfort most users are searching for.